The really smart Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus is so great

The really smart Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus is so great


According to Varle.Lt mobile phone professionals, apart from the excellent price-quality ratio known to Redmi smartphones, Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus boasts a stylish design and a sleek, wide-screen display. You’ve probably already noticed that last year there was a real revolution in mobile device design. The traditional display format was replaced by 18: nine format with narrow frames and impressive rounded corners of the screen. In practice, all major and small telephone manufacturers have already introduced their smarts, designed to meet these new design standards.

Xiaomi is no exception. Redmi five and Redmi five Plus turned out to be somewhat later than their rivals, but they only benefited from this delay. The models have been so successful that they have become one of the most popular smart segment in their price range. In this review, Varle.Lt mobile phone specialists have reviewed the characteristics and features of Redmi five Plus and answer a simple question: is this phone really so great or is it just some magic of the Xiaomi brand?

Output and Design Your phone is sold in the standard red packaging of the Xiaomi Redmi series. Packaging is very simple, wager looks bright and stylish. Redmi 5 Plus comes with a smartphone, charger, cord and silicone protective case. Thanks to the latter, the manufacturer can be thanked separately, because the extra protection against scratches is always helpful and has not harmed anyone yet. The back cover is made of metal with the exception of plastic inserts on the bottom and bottom.

The layout of the controls is traditional: on the right side we will find the power button and the sound control, on the left side – the two SIM card slots, where a memory card can be inserted instead of the second SIM card. The bottom edge has a connector for microUSB cable connection, and a left and right microphone and external speaker port. One of the most prominent parts of Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus’s phone design is its display.

It has 5.99 inches. diagonal, 2160 x 1080 pixels resolution and 18: 9 aspect ratio. Although the screen occupies most of the front panel (the ratio of screen to phone body is about seventy seven.Four percent), it cannot be called frameless because the frames are really there. On the sides they are about 3 mm thick and over 1 cm on the top and bottom. However, this does not damage the design of the unit and makes the use of the device more convenient. According to Varle.Lt mobile phone expert, if we were to consider Redmi 5 Plus design in a five-point system, the phone would undoubtedly get 5 plus. The new wide-format design looks fresh and attractive, and there is no reproach on the quality of the collection.

As far as sound is concerned, it should be mentioned that Redmi Five Plus is one of the few smart phones that can be blamed for sound. Yes, there are some reproaches on the quality of the external speaker, and the audiophiles will notice some imperfect low tones, but as their price representative, this device sounds really good. Productivity You can safely say that the users of this phone will have no hassle with performance. Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor easily cope with tasks like surfing the web, watching movies, using social networks, and more.You can read more telefonu deklai about for more info.

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