Official Prusa 3D printers community

Official Prusa 3D printers community

Customary assembling procedures are generally made to make extraordinary volume of parts. While with advanced assembling, you can deliver little groups and access mass customization!Why you should begin pondering 3D printing for your games ventures…

Is it true that you are searching for an assembling technique for games gear? Have you at any point thought about 3D printing? The main thing we need to let you know is: You should.

By taking a gander at our material list, you will discover a 3D printing material that suits you. Do you need an elastic like material? A somewhat adaptable plastic? Or on the other hand something more grounded, to make wellbeing gear? For instance, Helmets have been created utilizing the CLIP (DLS) innovation, by Riddell, a pioneer in football gear producing, to improve the plan and get lighter head protectors.

Perhaps 3D printing could likewise enable you to improve hardware you are as of now creating. Out it an attempt and contact our 3D printing specialists, they will locate the best answer for your task! In the event that you need to get a moment quote for your task, you can straightforwardly transfer your 3D record on our online 3D printing administration.

The narrative of a tetraplegic competitor and his 3D printed gear

Here is an incredible guide to show all that we just said! This is the account of a french paralympic competitor: Florian Jouanny.

Florian Jouanny is tetraplegic, and he is really the first tetraplegic competitor to complete the Ironman Triathlon. However, regardless he had a noteworthy issue, as he was all the while attempting to hold the handles of his handbike because of his loss of motion. That is the place 3D printing makes its enchantment.


Added substance producing permitted him, with the assistance of Athletics 3D, to plan 3D printed custom bicycle handles. These bicycle handles are really helping him by improving the rate of power created by his hands into vitality, driving the bicycle. This is advancing the accelerating intensity of the competitor.

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