List of Sites Watching Online Movies Especially for You Korean Film Fans

List of Sites Watching Online Movies Especially for You Korean Film Fans


Technology News , – Korean fever that hit Indonesia is not only the song, but the film has also ‘infect’ people throughout Indonesia. So that not a few Korean film fans in the country, ranging from teenagers to parents.

The factor might be because the player is handsome or beautiful, or the storyline of the film is interesting.

Unfortunately, Korean films today are very difficult to watch on television, especially the drama series. National private television shows Indian films more often than Korea.

But do not worry, as a remedy for homesickness and disappointment for you who can watch movies from Gingseng Country can be watched via the internet. You can watch it through online movie watching sites.

Well, here are sites that watch movies online that broadcast Korean films or television series for free, which HR Online summarizes from various sources.

# IndoXXI

Although it has been blocked several times by one of the ISPs (Internet Service Providers), IndoXXI remains the most trusted and most popular online movie viewing site in Indonesia. IndoXXI changed the domain several times, from com to net.

This site offers the latest films both in the genre of drama, action, comedy and so on. Not only Hollywood films, IndoXXI also presents Asian films from Korea to India. In fact, there is a special category that presents the Korean drama drama series.

This special website watching movies online has a layout that is simple, elegant and pleasing to the eye, even though advertisements are sometimes annoying. But overall, it’s worthy of being a reference for those of you who love watching Gretongan movies.

If you don’t have time to watch, there is a feature to download favorite movies.

# Gudangmovies21

The site to watch this film is fairly light, because there are not many advertisements milling about the scenery. There are features besides being able to download, there is also a synopsis, trailer and movie rating from IMDB, which makes it easy for you to choose whether the film is very good or bad. So it won’t waste time watching it.

# DramaFever

When you access the site , it’s not just Korean drama films, but you can also watch variety shows and music from Gingseng Country.

But to watch the movie, you have to login first. And unfortunately, only a few dramafever broadcast films with Indonesian translations.

# Bioskopkeren

This site watching movies online looks almost the same as Gudangmovie21. It offers comedy, drama, action, and so on. The film he presented was from Hollywood films to Korea, both films to television series.

# Layarkaca21indo

Not to be outdone by others, Layarkaca21indo also provides satisfaction for those of you who are thirsty for new or old films equipped with Indonesian subtitles to make it more comfortable watching.

Even though it’s free, the available genres are not much different from IndoXXI, which is drama, romance, comedy, acting to TV series or anime.

# Dramaindo

This site is specifically for downloading Korean films. The advantages of  are always updating or showing the latest films that are already in Indonesian.

# FilmGan

At a glance the  site is similar to gudangmovies21. The difference is that online movies other than light are also very pleasing to the eye, because they are free from advertisements. You can get this here for free indoxxi.

# Watch Free 88

Besides being free, Watch Free 88 also gives you choices according to internet speed. The available films are quite diverse from drama, horror, acting to war, with the support of various language subtitles. But unfortunately this site watching movies online has its drawbacks, which are many advertisements so it is annoying and certainly makes it heavy when opening this site. (Adi / R5 / HR-Online)

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