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The heaviness of the certifiable Rolex Submariner watch is heavier contrasted with its imitation. You can decide how your Rolex watch ought to weigh via looking on the web for its official load to its last milligram. So on the off chance that your model is somewhat lighter than it ought to be, at that point you should need to quit wearing it for the present.


The caseback of most Rolex watches are plain without any inscriptions, illustrations, stickers or embellishments. Some uncommon models like the Sea-Dweller may have the content “Gas Escape Valve” being composed on its titanium back.

In the event that you see a straightforward caseback of your Rolex Green Dial Submariner enabling you to see the inward operations of the watch, at that point you are taking a gander at a phony. Obviously, some exceptionally uncommon bits of the Rolex from the 1930s could be a special case yet not the Submariner.

Crown Etching

The crown scratching underneath the 12 o’clock position is anything but difficult to reproduce notwithstanding for reproductions. Be that as it may, the modest crown logo scratched beneath the 6 o’clock position is so little it would take an amplifying glass to see it obviously. This makes it difficult for forgers to make a phony one with such a modest characteristic of greatness.

The Hands

Your Rolex Green Dial Submariner ought to have its second hand running easily as it turns around the face. On the off chance that you see it twitching with its tick, at that point it’s most likely a phony. This is on the grounds that the development of the Rolex comes in high accuracy as it is separated into 8 small scale ticks for each second. This makes it resemble a nonstop movement. In addition, there should be no capable of being heard ticking sound on a certifiable Rolex watch.


This specific bit of etching is situated at the correct side of the watch for setting the time. This should comprise of a solitary metal piece rather than reproductions having two or three pieces stuck together.

The Daytona, Sea-Dweller, and Submariner have a Triplock crown highlighting a gasket that seals off the watch from water. You can even observe the O-ring when you completely unscrew the crown. Watch out for fakes since they likewise have comparable looking gaskets, however they just serve to trick the purchaser.


Your Rolex Green Dial Submariner ought to have the option to change the date forcefully at midnight. In the event that it changes gradually or is over 15 minutes off, at that point it means that you purchased a phony.

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